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Regarding WordPress experts, the WORDPRESS PREMIUM PACK is the best value-packed with selection of WordPress and WooCommerce plugins & themes you will ever buy.

Awesome Features

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WPCellar Guarantees your satisfaction, and we ensured that all our products are 100% genuine, original as the Vendor, legal, and safe. All products undergo a thorough check. They are Scanned and confirmed safe by McAfee Secure to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

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WP Cellar is a proven, affordable solution to all themes and plugins you will need for your project. We give you access to themes and plugins on our Premium Membership worth so much for free. We also have free software and other materials you need to make money online as well. Check out our bonus page to see what our customers are enjoying every month for free.

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At WPCellar, you have a steady Free Support Service. We would love to walk with you at any stage you need our help. Feel free to send us a message on our email

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We want to save all the stress of getting new updates. You will get the latest updates on any product purchased for life, simply means you won’t be paying for the subsequent updated version. Discover and explore our free auto-updater plugin, which is a proof for the constant update of Plugins and Themes.

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Our priority is to give you the best. And that also means we would refund you within 7 days of your purchase if you were unable to use your product. This is automatically issued if unresolved after contacting our support. Our Membership Plan gives you access to all products. We don’t offer a refund on this because it is difficult to track your use of the products on the site.

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WPCellar is run by WordPress developers with up to 10 years experience. We have made available the System, the Strategy, the Secret, and the key to Successful Online Riches.

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Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions

What is GPL?

WPCELLAR.COM is 100% legal. All themes and plugins are released under the GPL (General Public License).

You are free to use them as often as you like and on as many sites as you want.

GPL is the abbreviated version of “General Public License.” WordPress is open-source software released under the GNU General Public License (GPL)..

Does WPcellar provide license keys?

We do not provide, lease, release, or resell license keys. All the products offered on this website are licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). You do not need license keys to use your projects, regardless of how many products need.
License keys are only required if you want to receive automatic updates and support from the author of a plugin or theme.

Are the files and downloads legal?

Yes, all themes, plugins, add-ons, and WooCommerce extensions that are distributed by our repository are 100% open-source with the GNU GPL.

Are these genuine products?

Yes, all of our products are 100%authentic. If we feature a product on our website, then we have an active subscription to that product’s author(s). We download from the product from them and redistribute to you. These downloads are not altered in any way.

Do you provide updates to the products?

Yes. As soon as we are notified about an update, we download it from the author and update it on our site.

How many sites can I use the plugin or theme on?

As many as you like. Seriously, there are no catches. The plugins and themes are GPL-licensed, and you can use them as often as you need to, on however many sites you choose. Have a friend who’s building a website? Share our plugins and themes with them, too.